2014, Jonathan Cape, London, UK

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Ultimately, this is a beautiful, sad and necessary book — I only wish it were longer. – Anya Ulinich on Fatherland, New York Times

Bunjevac handles time brilliantly, and is marvellously succinct when it comes to historical facts, unpicking a complicated situation for the reader without ever bogging him down. But it’s her drawings that really lift Fatherland up. She works in monochrome, and uses cross-hatching and pointillist techniques, both of which give her strips the feeling of newsprint. This is history, then, but it’s also as vividly immediate as any headline. At a time when European nationalism is again terrifyingly on the march, no wonder it makes for such engrossing and salutary reading. – Rachel Cooke on Fatherland, The Guardian

Nina Bunjevac gives readers the impression of experiencing history untouched and direct, brought haltingly to life from the pages of textbooks, or the frames of newsreels. – Sean Rogers on Fatherland, Globe and Mail