2012, Conundrum Press, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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The most vitally reinvigorating change in modern comics is the unstoppable rise of women, as creators, as readers, and as characters. In her impressive debut collection, Nina Bunjevac stuns as a distinctive, innovative voice, adept at hyper detailed cartooning and deliciously disturbing as she probes the darkest depths of desire and despair. – Paul Gravett

Visually, Bunjevac employs a stippled, shadowed approach that accentuates the noirish aspects of her narratives while also providing a high degree of almost documentary detail. The result is an irony-laden tour though a seedy milieu that is as visually impressive as it is emotionally provocative. – Steven W. Beattie, Quill & Quire

Her drawing chops are stunning, yet she’s no mere illustrator, as she breathes life into her characters as they are the vessels of her bawdy but bone-dry and pitch-black sense of humor. – Rob Clough, The Comics Journal